Self Help Groups

It is our commitment to mobilise and empower the barefoot cadre for the smooth takeover of governance functions by People’s Institutions. This is one of the most important steps towards building a self-reliant and self-sustaining system. Since they belong to the area, they have a deep understanding of the issues and challenges that such a task faces, and are better prepared for it. The local cadre of young girls and boys begin working asĀ mitaans, or friends of the people. The mitaans are the main facilitators at the village level and play a vital role in establishing and strengthening our groups and federations.

Their responsibilities begin with record-keeping to help the SHGs maintain accounts. As they become more experienced their responsibilities increase to include continuously sharing information with the women on issues relevant to their lives, from government schemes to improved cropping methods. To empower this cadre we dedicate regular trainings every month where apart from professional skills the mitaans learn about different government entitlements, sustainable agriculture practices and social issues.