Livelihood Films

Hamari Apni Dudh Dairy ‘Our Own Milk Dairy’

Language: Hindi and Nimari

The film narrates the story of how watershed works in a dryland area have created a possibility for a new livelihood option for the poor local tribal community. Dairying as a source of livelihood was for long considered unviable in the tribal area where Samaj Pragati Sahayog is implementing watershed projects. Apart from the fodder problem, frequent seasonal out-migration was major reason that rendered dairying activity as unviable. But once water was available, land became productive and the farmers did not have to migrate elsewhere in search of employment. As a result, keeping livestock for producing milk became possible. The women then organized themselves in community-based dairy co-operatives and began production of milk for marketing. The film narrates the story of how the initial skepticism over the viability of dairying in the minds of the people was overcome, leading to a full-fledged livelihood option for tribal communities of the area.