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Udainagar pragati samiti- The first annual general body meeting


The first Annual General Body Meeting of the Udainagar Pragati Samiti (UPS), the pioneering Federation of women SHGs promoted by SPS, was held at the Baba Amte Centre for People’s Empowerment in village Neemkheda on the 25th of January 2009. UPS was registered on 25 September 2008 under the MP Societies Registration Act 1973. Around 3000 women SHG members and a 1000 others, who were mainly family and friends, attended the 4 hour-long meeting. Shri Shravan Garg, Group Editor, Dainik Bhaskar and Shri Champalal Dewda, the first ever Adivasi MLA of Bagli were Special Invitees to the event.
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SHG member celebrate international womens’s day


On 16 March 2011, SPS led Women’s SHG members from Hatpiplia celebrated International Women’s Day to mark the solidarity amongst members and to reinforce their collective strength. More than 1000 women from 129 SHGs gathered at community hall in Hatpipalia. Bank of India and SBI officials joined in the occasion to extend their support. View PDF


MGNREGA in uttar pradesh: challenger, potential and why forward

A state level consultation on “MGNREGA in Uttar Pradesh: Challenges, Potential and Way Forward” was organized by the National Consortium on MGNREGA in Lucknow between 8th and 9th of March 2011. The aim of the consultation was to bring together officials of the state and central governments along with representatives of civil society in UP working on MGNREGA to discuss the potential and problems of MGNREGA in the state and to arrive at a road map for MGNREGA reform within the state. The consultation was presided over by Dr. Mihir Shah, Member, Planning Commission, Government of India .




15 December, 2010, Gram Panchayat Agrakhurd in collaboration with SPS organized a Jan Sunwain – a public hearing where about 1500 people participated. This was a culmination of a month long Lok Muhim or public campaign on MGNREGA, an initiative taken by SPS to mobilize the Gram Panchayats to take MGNERA to the people. In a door-to-door campaign, a direct dialogue was initiated with every household on their experience and understanding of their entitlements under MGNREGA.


From May 2011 Samaj Pragati Sahayog has started the publication of ‘Awaaz’, a quarterly newsletter in Hindi. The newsletter documents successful livelihood initiatives of individual Self Help Group members, as also their collective endeavor to make institutions like the Gram Sabha, the Panchayat, banks, the state and the market more responsive to their needs. With over 23000 women and their families spread across 9 locations, there is energy and enterprise, liveliness and action all around. The stories are about the acumen, the capabilities, the spirit, and the compassion of women. ‘Awaaz’ is a step towards voicing these untold stories. We hope other women will draw strength from them. View PDF