RRA Network

Multiple Grains of DrylandsSince 2009, SPS has been part of the Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRAN), which emphasizes the need for a paradigm shift in India’s agricultural policy to bring change in rainfed agriculture. Spanning several agro-ecological regions, the rainfed areas represent the geography with the largest concentration of poverty and backwardness. Even after achieving the full irrigation potential, nearly 50 percent of the net sown area will remain dependent on rainfall. The key thrust in agricultural policy since mid-sixties has been to extend technologies evolved to enhance productivity in well endowed areas to rainfed agriculture. Inadequate support, unmindful of the specific priorities of rainfed agriculture, has added to rising distress among farmers. RRAN believes that efforts to raise productivity here have to be fine-tuned to building resilience of the production systems along with capacities for adaptation to climate variability and change. The mission of RRAN is to change the nature, amount and delivery of public investment in rainfed agriculture. The Network strongly advocates the need for simultaneous and integrated interventions on several thematic areas (such as water, soil, seeds, cropping systems, livestock, fisheries, credit, markets and institutions) as the key to unlocking the potential of rainfed agriculture. RRAN focuses on creating linkages with key government departments and the ongoing government programmes. Along with our partners in the RRAN, we are trying to develop an active dialogue with planners, policy makers, funding agencies and institutional sources of finance for farming.