On the procurement side, activities focus on building up a fair and efficient milk collection and payment system. On the production side, various programmes like pregnant cow care, fodder production, regular de-worming and vaccination, support in selection of good animals and improved breeding services attempt to raise productivity of farm animals.

Diseases are a major constraint to livestock production systems and a disease outbreak leads to a loss of capital assets and liquid sources of income. SPS has developed a team of para-vets, or barefoot doctors, led by a veterinary doctor. This dedicated cadre of para-vets supported by milk cooperative society secretaries provides feet to the programme by making animal healthcare services available in far-flung villages. Medicine costs are borne by our SHG federations and a small fee is charged for veterinary support. This team is now providing veterinary services to around 90 villages in Bagli tehsil.

As compared to large animals, small ruminants like goats and poultry grow faster and are low investment assets that are more liquid. Since 2013, our livestock programme has attempted to promote alternate livelihoods namely Goat Rearing Promotion and the Backyard Poultry Programme. These activities, if taken up in an organized manner, help diversify risks for small farmers and offer sustainability to the landless.

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