Jowar (sorghum) ready for harvestThe NPM agriculture movement tries to encourage farmers to grow crops without any chemical pesticides, create an identity for their produce and link these small producers to markets. NPM agriculture emphasises building up soil fertility through appropriate management practices such as composting, recycling of agricultural residues, liquid manures, green manuring and tank silt application with a gradual phasing out of chemical fertilizers.

Public-funded agricultural extension has become weak in India over time. We have tried to bridge this gap through our system of trained village associates (“Khet Mitaans”). Another unique feature of our agriculture programme is its use of video films produced by local community resource persons trained by SPS for agricultural extension work. Over 150 community videos have been produced so far on themes related to agriculture and have proved hugely popular among farmers. Partnering with government programs, SPS also promotes livelihood activities that supplement agricultural practices. Working with the departments of Horticulture and Animal Husbandry, SPS has increased adoption of pomegranate cultivation and rainfed fisheries.


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